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Forklift Rental Program

New & Used Forklifts For Sale - Rush Forklifts

Rush Forklifts has an extensive rental fleet to handle all your lifting needs. Whether the forklift you own requires maintenance, your business experiences seasonal trends, or you have short term demands. 

Whatever the case, Rush Forklifts has equipment ready to work for you. We cover commercial, industrial, municipal, and specialized service industries. 

Our forklift rental program includes a variety of units with differing capacities and fuel alternatives such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), electric, and diesel forklifts. They are serviced and maintained by trained technicians, in order to ensure that a reliable and fully operational forklift is available at a moment’s notice. 

Call us today at 305-822-7874 to rent your forklift today.

Forklift Rentals with Varying Capacities 

Our forklift inventory contains various capacities which range from 3,000 pounds to 15,500 pounds. If you are not sure which forklift capacity you will be needing, no worries, we are a phone call away. Our Rental Department will calculate the load that you are needing to move and will recommend the correct Forklift needed for the project being requested. 

Considerations When Renting A Forklift

  • How much weight are you picking up?

  • How high are you lifting your product?

  • Will this lift be primarily used indoors or outdoors?

  • Will you require certain features or attachments?

  • All these questions can make renting a forklift seem challenging, but rest assured our Rental Department is here to help. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for your lifting needs and making forklift rentals a breeze.

    Call us today at 305-822-7874

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